Knowesis Sift Real Time Continuous Customer Profiling

Understand customer behaviour on an ongoing and real time basis to improve customer experience.

Knowesis Sift Geo-Fencing Application

Profile customers based on location movements.

Trigger profile specific events by location for marketing or network optimisation purposes.

Knowesis Sift Behavioral Event Application

Trigger events in real time for personalised contextual marketing.

Knowesis Sift Live Visualisation Application

Real time visibility into business performance, event performance and customer behaviour.

Contextual Marketing (One to One Campaign Management)

Transform your existing campaign management system from batch to contextual and personalised.

AdTap! Data Monetisation

Get plugged into the OTT mobile advertising value chain and turn on a new profit stream.

Our solutions are used to continuously profile customers across vast data sources in real time (or periodically). We focus on the ongoing real time understanding of your customers. Continuous customer behavioral analysis provides the foundation upon which our solutions deliver game-changing ROI.

Knowesis provides Big Data solutions as opposed to technology / middleware platforms. Our ready-built solutions help you achieve “Big Data” ROI quickly, more cost effectively and with lower risk.

Our solutions deliver real-time analytics to take advantage of situations as soon as they occur enabling you to:

  • Monitor the real time state of all customers all the time.
  • Provide real time insights related to subscriber behavior on an aggregate or individual level.
  • Send events immediately to business applications as and when statistically relevant behaviors occur.
  • Monetize your data!