PRODUCTS Knowesis Sift

Sift is designed to monitor the state of a subscriber in real time utilizing industry specific data models. Sift enables an organisation to visualize subscriber behaviour as it changes and rapidly deploy real time event triggers.

Sift enables organisations to track subscriber activities such as:

  • For CSPs: calls made and received, messages sent and received, data usage, and other transaction related information in real time.
  • For Financial Institutions: ATM transactions, credit card transactions, online transactions, and other transaction related information in real time.

The information captured can be used for various business needs such as analysing subscriber usage trending, revenue trends, service usage trends and more.

Sift contains Insights for monitoring the following:

  • Events and Indicator Definitions;
  • Subscriber Indicator values and Event history;
  • Live Event Performance; and
  • Aggregate enterprise level Indicators

From a functional perspective Sift provides a set of business application functions: