SOLUTIONS Knowesis Sift Geo-Fencing Application


Many business applications can benefit from location driven customer events or insight. Prime examples include campaign management, mobile advertising and fraud management platforms. Typical location based system (LBS) solutions do a great job of providing location data on a request and respond basis - think of a taxi booking application which requests a taxi location and the LBS responds with the location of that particular taxi. What if you want to know how many available (and/or busy) taxis are in defined areas all the time? LBS solutions are not designed to scale for this type of requirement. But Sift is!

Define the conditions for when a location event(s) should be triggered, or simply recorded, within the specific geo-fence. Conditions can range from day(s) of the week, time, customer profiles, number of events for that geo-fence, validity periods, and so forth.

Sift provides business users with an easy to use analytical geo-fence solution.

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