SOLUTIONS Knowesis Sift Behavioral Event Application


Have you ever had an experience when you received an offer or were communicating with a supplier where it felt they actually understood your needs? Knowesis Sift’s Behavioural Event Application helps create that feeling for your customers.

As Knowesis Sift continuously profiles your customers in real time opportunities and/or threats are immediately identified. With the Sift Behavioral Event application business users can define and manage behavioural events and even view live event performance.

How is Sift different to other event based marketing tools or Complex Event Processing solutions?

  • Real time and long term trending event support.
  • Extensive event template library.
  • Easy event tagging for simple categorisation.
  • Integrated geo-fencing application for map driven location based events.
  • Automatic event monitoring after sending customers a challenge to change behaviour.
  • Instant gratification – directly reward customers immediately upon event triggering.
  • Transforms any legacy campaign management system from batch to real time event driven.
  • Live event visualisation.

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