PRODUCTS Knowesis AdTap!

Knowesis AdTap! addresses the fundamental issue of gaining access to the revenues generated by the rapidly growing OTT Mobile Advertising business across the CSPs network.

AdTap! is the first managed services solution that bridges the gap between a CSPs raw data and the understanding of the complex mobile advertising eco-system requirements to maximise the revenue from the data.

If you’re a CSP looking at how to monetize your data then AdTap! is the solution that will quickly turn your data into a new profit stream directly impacting your bottom line.

AdTap! is not:

  • A replacement for your existing SMS/MMS/eMail-mobile advertising programmes and revenues.
  • An alternative to your own content/inventory creating programmes and revenues.
  • Going to result in any additional ads/messages being sent to your customer base. AdTap! simply enables the CSP to take a share of the revenue related to mobile ads already being delivered to your customers by OTT providers.

How does it work?

  • The only thing required on behalf of the CSP is a desire to get started and provide access to your data. We manage the rest.
  • AdTap! is a hybrid on-premise and off-premise solution - we have already solved the complexity and data security issues.
  • We have the relationships with the advertisers, publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges as well as the SDKs, ad analytics, reporting and settlement. We manage all of this for you and focus on getting the highest possible return from your data as possible when it comes to tapping the mobile ad OTT ecosystem.